Special Projects

Eurosafe Solutions reputation as an innovative thinker that enjoys, rather than avoids, projects that are logistically or technically challenging, has led us to carrying out a number of special projects well outside of our normal remit.

Using products and concepts that we are very familiar with but not for their intended purpose, or perhaps in conjunction with other products by the use of bespoke interfaces, we have been able to solve our client’s access problems in a cost effective and safe manner.

These projects have included a manual equipment trolley that runs over the Thames inside Blackfriars bridge, designed to transport PV panels during maintenance and replacement; a mechanical glazing system that removes and installs large glass units on the new Heathrow terminal 2 building, and a bespoke portable temporary fall protection system for GE Power that protects there operatives from falls whilst working on gas turbines throughout the world.

With our years of experience, skill base and can do attitude we are certain that Eurosafe Solutions can find a Solution to your access needs.

Eurosafe Solutions: Provider of Unique Access Systems

Over the last years Eurosafe Solutions has built a reputation as the ‘go to’ provider for one off access systems. Our technical ability and love of a challenge has led us to be involved in a variety of high profile projects both in the UK and abroad.

Whatever your access requirements we are confident that we can supply you with a solution.

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Eurosafe Solutions

Eurosafe Solutions

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